September 2021


The September City Council meeting will be held Tuesday, Sept. 7th, 7pm, at the Maryville Municipal Building. After a busy Labor Day weekend with family and helping my son start his Eagle Scout project (yay!!!), I’m going through the agenda late tonight. If you have any questions or concerns before the meeting tomorrow, the best way to reach me is to call or text my cell: 865-599-2037.

The full Agenda + Attachments can be found in my Google Drive folder HERE.

Note: If you plan to attend the meeting at the Maryville Municipal Building, please wear a mask when distancing isn’t possible.

The agenda only includes six items:

#1 Consideration of an ordinance on second reading amending the annual budget to extend the contract for real estate advisor services from Lawler Wood in FY21 for Laurel Branch Park and other city property-owned projects. The contract amount is $6,000/month for 12 months for a total of $72,000.

#2 Consideration of an ordinance on second reading to abandon a portion of an alley located between Boardman avenue and Barnes Avenue. Designated as alley #238. Learn more about the city’s efforts to abandon alleys HERE.

#3 Consideration of an ordinance on first reading amending the FY22 annual operating budget relative to school federal funds. (See pgs. 17-19 on the Budget Packet for details)

#4 A resolution authorizing the special event “Downtown Hog Rally” to be held from 5 pm – 11 pm on September 30, 2021.

#5 Consideration of a motion to approve a contract for GIS aerial mapping services. Here’s the summary from the agenda packet:

The GIS Department uses Pictometry International Corp. for high resolution aerial imagery which is used by all departments as well as Blount County and the City of Alcoa through the shared GIS function. Additionally, Pictometry provides software by which to view the aerial data. Imagery updates are provided every 5 years. Pictometry has offered a discounted rate if the City will agree to purchase the next updates which will be in 2026. The cost for the first year (FY2022) will be $90,376. The cost in 2026 will be $87,076.

The contract is attached to the agenda packet.

#6 City council appointment to the Blount County Coordinating Committee. (Proposed appointees: Steve West and Keri Prigmore, term to expire September 2023)

Questions? Call or text me at 865-599-2037!


The Daily Times recently featured a story about council’s discussion on internet access. Check it out HERE. I’ll be sending an update on this and more in the coming weeks. Council Work Sessions are usually the third Friday of the month, but this month it will be held on Sept. 24th at 8am

One more thing… Proud mom moment: This is my son Andy on the first work day of his Eagle Scout project. He’s building a trail behind our church that leads to the pavilion. ❤️ 


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