October 2021


The monthly City Council meeting will be held Oct. 5th, 7pm, at the Maryville Municipal Building. If you plan to attend the meeting at the Maryville Municipal Building, please wear a mask when distancing isn’t possible. Anyone who wishes to address council about an issue that is not on the agenda can do so after the approval of the minutes (at the beginning of the meeting). During discussion of an agenda item, citizens can approach the podium to speak about that issue.

The full Agenda + Attachments can be found in my Google Drive folder HERE.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. The best way to reach me is to call or text my cell: 865-599-2037. My email is sarah@herron.group.

There are four items on the October agenda:

#1 Consideration of an Ordinance on second reading amending the FY22 annual operating budget relative to school federal funds.

Maryville City Schools is receiving $391,219.35 is from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER 2.0) Fund. See pages 6-8 of the agenda packet for details. Maryville City Council is required to approve any amendments to the school’s budget. This ordinance will amend the school budget to reflect ESSER 2.0. City Council approved this on first reading at last month’s meeting.

Info on ESSER funds…

  • In response to COVID-19, the U.S. Congress passed several pieces of legislation that sent billions of dollars in resources to states. Tennessee received, in total, $4.2 billion to be spent on schools across the state in three phases. This increase is the second phase, 2.0.
  • The funds come from the combined Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act; the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Act; and the American Rescue Plan (ARP).

#2 Resolution to authorize the Maryville Downtown Association’s “Uncorked” fundraising event, slated to be held on November 4th.

According to the association’s event site, this is their only fundraiser of the year. Info can be found HERE.

Since the event will be held at two venues, City Council is being asked to approve the use of the public sidewalk between the locations to create an outdoor gathering space. The two venues are White Star Station and Capitol Theater on Broadway Avenue. Additional information can be found on pages 10-11 of the agenda packet.

#3 Consideration of a motion to request authorization to initiate condemnation proceedings of .063 acres for the Pinewood Drive Drainage.

Information about this request can be found on pages 12-14. This is the introduction explaining the need for the request:

There are drainage problems in the Pinewood Dr. area that have been exacerbated by development upstream in the watershed both in the City and the County. The City of Maryville has been in the process of designing improvements for this area. The design has been completed and affected owners have agreed to easements on their property for the improvements with the exception of one property owner. The City tried to find an alternate in the design that would not touch the property, but there was no such solution. The property owner has been offered at least 3 times higher than the easement is worth, but that amount is still 20 times off what they say they would accept. At this point, we need to condemn 0.063 acres on parcel ID 069 170.00 in order to move forward on the project and help alleviate drainage issues for all of these property owners. The full project layout is attached, and the property needed to complete the project has been highlighted. The easement description is also attached.

#4 Consideration of a motion to approve a sole source purchase of a fire drill training tower. A sole source purchase is one where there is only one vendor capable of providing an item or service, and therefore it is not possible to obtain competitive bids. 

This tower is from the vendor website, Affordable Drill Towers, LLC to provide an example of what these types of structures look like.

In a letter to City Council (pg. 16), Maryville Fire Department Captain Andrew Puckett said the sole source is requested after a lengthy search for this tower because of the unique features not found on other towers. Captain Puckett provided detailed information about the tower, which was provided in our agenda packet, pages 17-26. A total of $110,000 was budgeted and approved by council in the Capital Projects budgets. This tower is $90,710.

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