November 2021


The monthly City Council meeting will be held this Tuesday, Nov. 2nd. The full agenda with explainers and attached documents can be found in my Google Drive HERE.

Public Hearings:

6:56 PM: A resolution to annex property located on Proffitt Springs Road being Blount County (Partnership Park North where Smith & Wesson intends to move their headquarters.)

6:57 PM: Plan of Services resolution for the requested annexation area

6:58 PM: An ordinance to amend the Future Land Use Map of the City of Maryville

6:59 PM: An ordinance to amend the Zoning Map of the City of Maryville

7 PM: City Council meeting

I think it will be important for the public to hear why Smith & Wesson requires annexation and to share questions and concerns about this development. Following the public hearings, City Council meeting will be called to order. There will be a time towards the beginning of the meeting where citizens will be invited to speak about any topic that is not on the agenda. You can simply approach the podium to speak. 

Smith & Wesson’s agreement with the Blount County Industrial Development Board (IDB) will provide significant tax incentives. The state of Tennessee gives IDBs broad powers, including a legal mechanism to provide big property tax breaks to new companies, but IDBs do not have annexation authority. The agreement they inked with Smith & Wesson guaranteed that the City of Maryville will annex. I did not make a commitment to vote in favor of annexation. In fact, I first read about this agreement in the Daily Times, which can be found HERE.

Agenda items #1, #2, #3 are concerning these measures for the Smith & Wesson development.

Item #4 is a request from Ridge and Susan Carter, owners and residents of 202 Windsor Drive, to annex their property.

Item #5 is consideration of an ordinance on first reading to repeal and replace the City of Maryville sewer use ordinance, title 18 chapter 2 of the municipal Code of the city of Maryville, and the pretreatment enforcement response Plan (“sewer use documents”) in their entirety and to adopt and enact new Sewer use documents.

Background information provided to council from city staff:

The City of Maryville Water and Sewer Department (WSD) has a sewer use ordinance containing limits on wastewater discharged by others and protection limits for the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (RWWTP) influent. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) requires that these limits be periodically reviewed and updated when necessary. A technical review conducted in conjunction with our most recent permit renewal revealed the need to update these limits. In addition to the limit updates, the sewer use ordinance and a related document, the pretreatment enforcement response plan were reviewed in their entirety and a number of modifications are proposed including correcting typographical errors, updating references and department names/titles and revisions to better reflect current practices and improve consistency between the documents. The proposed revisions to both documents were made available for public comment (no comments received) and approved by TDEC.

Item #6 is a request for council to consider a motion to declare certain items as surplus. The following items are no longer used or are a part of our equipment replacement schedule, and [city staff] believes that we can sell them at auction and realize a substantial financial gain. The items are as follows:

  1. Vertical Map Storage Rack
  2. 2001 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 4×2 # 760
  3. 1999 FORD F-150 4X4 SUPERCAB # 712
  4. 2009 FINN T-60T-27B HYD SEEDER # 769
  5. ARE Camper Top

I hope to see you Tuesday. As always, you’re welcome to contact me on my personal cell: 865-599-2037 or by email at


Make your voice heard.

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