May 2022


This month’s City Council meeting will take place Tuesday, May 3, starting with the Beer Board at 6:45 p.m. and several public hearings.

The full agenda packet can be found in my Google Drive HERE.


The Beer Board, which is comprised of all members of City Council, will consider a motion to grant a special event beer permit for “Hops in the Hills,” a ticketed craft beer-tasting, hosted by Blount Partnership.

Hops is part of “Summer on Broadway,” which will be held in Downtown Maryville, June 24 from 5-11pm.

Personally, my favorite part of this event are the Dock Dogs, which are returning this year.

Photo Source: Summer on Broadway Facebook page


There are 14 hearings on the agenda regarding alley abandonments and annexation requests.

The hearings are an opportunity for the public to comment and for council to ask questions. These items are on the agenda for council action during the official council meeting, which will be called immediately following the hearings (7pm).


It’s important to note that on the official City Council meeting agenda, there is a time for public comments at the beginning of the meeting called “Hear Citizens.” This is an opportunity for citizens to go to the podium and share concerns about issues that are NOT on the agenda. If you’d like to address council about items on the agenda, you would do so when that item is being discussed. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about that. I think it’s important for citizens to be heard on all issues.

Agenda Items #1-#6 are second readings that were discussed at the April meeting. Items #7-#11 are first readings regarding five alley abandonments (#7) between S. Cedar St. and Melrose St., (#8) between Doll Ave. and Mynders Ave., (#9) between Boardman Ave. and Barnes Ave., (#10) between N. Sixth St. and Seventh St., and (#11) between E. Broadway Ave. and Cureton Ave.

Item #12 is regarding fence requirements in the downtown districts.

Items #13-#15 are concerning a request from a property owner on Morganton Road to annex and zone as commercial. This would also also require an amendment to the “Future Land Use Map” (#14). The owner is asking that it be designated “Business and Transportation,” (#15). Council will review and discuss this request as a whole during the public hearing.

Items #16-#18 are concerning a request by a property owner on Sevierville road to annex and zone commercial as well, and again, it would require an amendment to the “Future Land Use Map (#17).” This owner is also asking for it to be designated “Business and Transportation” (#18).

Item #19 is an amendment to the school budget to account for federal funding. This is simply an administrative procedure.

Item #20 is concerning a resolution council would send to Blount County Commission asking the county to “discontinue the practice of assessing property taxes dedicated for future capital education expenditures without sharing those tax dollars with the tax payers of the cities of Alcoa and Maryville based on the weighted full-time equivalent average daily attendance of all three county public school districts as published by the Tennessee Department of Education.”

This will be explained in detail at the meeting, but in a nutshell, Maryville City (and Alcoa) property owners pay city and county taxes so this resolution asks county commissions to allocate our share of the tax dollars we pay into what is called the “capital education expenditure” to our school system.

Item #21 is a request to declare pipe and concrete drainage structures as surplus so city staff can either sell or dispose of it.

If you have an questions or concerns, call or text me at 865-599-2037 or email


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