March 2022


The March City Council meeting will take place tomorrow (3/1), starting with the Beer Board 6:52 p.m., followed by seven hearings.

The full agenda packet can be found in my Google Drive HERE.

City staff are recommending abandonment of the alley located between Columbus Street and Front Street (divided into three properties).

Hearings 4-7 address a request by New Hope Baptist Church and a potential buyer of their property, to annex property that fronts Partnership Parkway and US-321/W. Lamar Alexander Parkway. It adjoins the city limits at these roadways as well as with the adjoining property to the northwest. A detailed annexation plan begins on page 24 of the agenda packet.

After the hearings conclude, these items move to the council agenda for a vote.

The council meeting will be called to order immediately following the hearings. The annexation will be discussed and brought to the floor for a first reading.

Item #4 is concerning Wastewater & Water rates. My understanding is that rates will be lower for the vast majority of residential properties and raised slightly for high-volume customers.

Items #5 and #6 address the request from the school board to approve $5.7 million to renovate and expand Maryville Junior High. Details from the agenda explainer:

On February 25, 2022, the Maryville City Schools Board of Education approved the proposed expansion and renovation project for the Maryville Junior High School. The project includes the renovation of the current administrative and guidance areas, as well as the expansion of the school by building eleven additional classrooms, significantly increasing student capacity and adding fifty additional parking spaces. The board additionally approved an $875,000 transfer to the construction fund, bringing the district’s total contribution to the project to $2,775,000.

Items #7-9 address the alley abandonment (see above).

Agenda item #10 is concerning restoration of the historic revenue sharing relationship of recurring state shared sales taxes for cities to receive once again 4.6% of all state general fund sales tax revenue. This action provides formal support for allowing local governments to receive the local share of sales tax revenues realized by increasing the single article cap in 2002 to collect on items with a purchase price between $1,600 and $3,200. The City of Maryville would have a recurring revenue increase estimated at $502,777.

Items #11 and #12 are concerning minor HR administrative adjustments. Item #13 is a housekeeping resolution to officially request that 2022 primary and general elections be held. Item #14 is to declare a Communications monopole surplus.

Item #15 is to re-appoint Greg Wilson, president of First Horizon Bank, to the Industrial Development Board. He was appointed two years ago as a replacement so he has not served a full term yet. His resume can be found on pages 82-83 of the agenda packet.

The last agenda item is a second reading for the abandonment of a portion of right-of-way (ROW) for Market Place Drive.

Questions or concerns? Feel free to call or text me at 865-599-2037.


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