March 2021


This month’s City Council meeting will take place Tuesday, March 2nd at the Maryville Municipal Center. (Masks required!) The Beer Board will meet at 6:57 p.m., followed by two public hearings. Then, the March City Council meeting will be called to order.

The Full Agenda with Explainers, Attachments & Copies of Ordinances can be found in my Google Dropbox HERE.

The Beer Board will address permits for RT Lodge. Since the property was not sold as planned last fall, we will be revoking the permit of the folks who intended to purchase RT Lodge because they are not operating it. Then, we’ll consider a motion to issue a new beer permit to the existing owner.

Following the Beer Board, a public hearing will be called to consider an ordinance that will allow all commercial businesses to have perpendicular signs. Downtown already allows these. Bill Cox Furniture is one example.

The second hearing will be called to address the abandon of a portion of right-of-way adjacent to the property at 404 E. Church Ave. Information provided by the city: When the development proposal for 404 E. Church Avenue was awarded in October 2020 to Pistol Creek Partners, it was intended that the lot be conveyed up to the sidewalk. Upon further investigation when working on the closing documents, it was discovered that there is a strip of right-of-way along Church Avenue that was not included in the recorded parcel boundary. None of the other lots along Church Avenue have this right-of-way strip, and the City does not need it. It should be abandoned so it can be added to the parcel that is being conveyed. In order to convey this right-of-way, City Council must formally abandon it by ordinance. The Maryville Municipal Planning Commission recommended approval of the proposed right-of-way abandonment at a called meeting on February 1, 2021.


After the meeting is called to order, Mayor Andy White will declare Friday, April 9th as Arbor Day and will encourage citizens to celebrate by planting a tree!

Agenda items #1 thru #9 are second readings of amendments and ordinances. See last month’s updates for reference. The March agenda packet also includes the ordinances and explainers.

#10 is consideration of the ordinance, addressed at the hearing, that will allow all businesses to have perpendicular signs.

#11 is concerning Laurel Branch Park off Robert C. Jackson Drive. The city is selling and developing the property. To that end, we’ll be considering an ordinance to amend the capital fund to create a project for $400,000 to do two things: 1) extend the sewer to properties that the city is selling, two of the parcels are currently under contract – Downey Oil (gas station) and Darrell & Rebecca Susan Dillard who own Maryville Equipment Center and 2) design (not construction) of the storm water detention pond and possible road extension to give us an idea on costs.

#12, we’ll consider an ordinance to adopt adjustments to rates and charges for water and wastewater services, which you can find HERE. This would go into effect in May.

#13 is concerning conservation easements (wetland preservation) on property co-owned near Robert C. Jackson Dr. Information provided by the city: The City has worked for over 3 years to get this conservation easement approved by TDEC and the Army Corps of Engineers for the wetland property near the development of the new portion of Robert C. Jackson Drive as described on the attached document. This conservation easement is a part of the development of the larger adjacent parcels intended for industrial and commercial use. The plats for the wetland areas and stream preservation area were recorded on February 4, 2021. The execution and recording of this Notice of Land Use Restrictions document will be the final step in establishing the conservation easement. Other than greenway use and approved sewer easements, no use will be made of this area in the future, and it will remain protected wetland in perpetuity. Financial Impact: For the next 4 years, we will pay $5,800 per year for required monitoring. Future maintenance expense will be minimal as the property will necessarily be maintained in its natural state.

#14 is consideration to adopt updated Maryville City personnel rules and procedures, which council reviewed during the January retreat. Then, we’ll consider an amendment (#15) to re-classify a position in the Fire Department.

#16 is consideration of establishing a speed limit of 25 mph for the Northfield subdivision. Currently, it is 30 mph and the engineering department is recommending it be changed and posted as 25 mph. Costs will $320 for four speed limit signs, which will be placed where indicated here:

#17 is to consider appointments of two individuals to the Construction Board of Adjustments & Appeals: Jason Pankratz, president of Pankratz Construction, and Burke Pinnell, president of Hickory Construction. #18 is for approval to appoint former mayor Tom Taylor to the Maryville Housing Authority.

#19 is to declare 18 – 15kV Substation Breakers as surplus and to approve their disposal. (They will be sold at auction.)

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