When I ran for office, I sought the endorsement of the Tennessee Equality Project because I believe in supporting and affirming LGBTQ+ people in meaningful ways. As we celebrate Pride Month, I want my LGBTQ+ constituents to know I remain steadfast in that commitment. 🏳️‍🌈

As councilwoman, I will work to increase connection and decrease isolation of LGBTQ+, including high-speed, affordable internet, and I will work with city leaders to create directories to identify existing resources, providers, and other spaces that support and affirm LGBTQ+ people.

I support Appalachian OUTreach, library programs and mobile health clinics that are LGBTQ-inclusive. I will insist that city leaders address homelessness, which disproportionately effects LGBTQ+ youth.

I will work to make room for LGBTQ+ people to exist in the City of Maryville. This means establishing venues for LGBTQ+ artists, hosting panels for queer sex educators and providing meet-and-greet spaces for the most marginalized identities.


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