July 2021


City Council will meet Tuesday, July 6th, at the Maryville Municipal Building, starting with the beer board and hearings slated for 6:54 p.m. on the dot! These items are voted on as part of the official agenda for first-reading council actions.

The full agenda with attachments can be found in my Google DriveĀ HERE.

The Beer board will consider permits for Morningside catering (RT Lodge) and Bella, which will be located in the old Sullivan’s restaurant. Learn more about the new restaurant HERE.

The three public hearings are concerning alley abandonments, which will be considered for a first-reading vote during the council meeting. This is part of an ongoing effort to abandon unused and unneeded alleys. The Planning Commission voted to recommend these abandonments at their June 21st meeting. The proposed abandonments include:

1) Between Springdale Street and Pinedale Street (designated as alley #475).

2) Located off S. Everett High Road (designated as #245 and #246).

3) Located between Mcghee Street and Lord Avenue (designated as alley #367).

Following these hearings, the City Council meeting will be called to order. Following Roll Call, Invocation and Approval of Minutes, citizens will be invited to speak about any topic that is not on the agenda.

The agenda includes:

  • Motions to approve beer permits for Morningside and Bella.
  • A motion authorizing the renewal of a taxi cab franchise to Charles Henry Tyler, d/b/a blount taxi, 2836 New Blockhouse Road, Maryville 37803.
  • First readings of the ally abandonments from the hearings.
  • A Budget Amendment concerning the Robert C. Jackson Road extension. From the agenda explainer: “With the completion of the Robert C. Jackson Road extension, the adjoining property is now available for the City to sell for commercial purposes. Because the City is the developer of this property, utilities must be extended to parcels as they are subdivided and sold. This was not done during construction of the roadway in order to see how the property was going to be used and what needed to be extended to parcels of record. Sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and drainage will be required to the two parcels (Lots 2 and 7) that the City has sold. Because of the location of these parcels, the entire property will be served once this infrastructure is in place. In addition, due to the use of the property that is under contract (Lot 4) and the traffic impact studies that have been performed, there will need to be some improvements to the roadway. Improvements include a traffic signal at Big Springs Road and Robert C. Jackson, turn lane modifications, and median modifications to accommodate the expected flow of vehicles. This request is to amend the capital fund to create a project for the work in the amount of $3,150,000. This includes the cost of design and construction of the work. Funds will be used from the sale of the property that this road serves. Remaining unsold property will be improved with this construction resulting in a higher sales price.”
  • Consideration of a motion to approve a “sole source contract” with JAH Power Services, Inc. From the agenda explainer: “JAH is an electrical contracting service that the Electric Department has used for many years to provide routine maintenance on the electrical network in the downtown area. This work takes place in manholes and underground vaults, and this is the only contractor that we have found who has been able to perform this kind of work. The Electric Department has used them for many years, and they are familiar with our downtown system. They provide maintenance twice a year to test our transformers and network protectors. We have a total of 24 network protectors located in the downtown area. Over the last two years we have used JAH to install rebuilt network protectors in this area, and we need to schedule the rest this year and next. The quote from JAH includes the replacement of 5 rebuilt protectors this year, each at a cost of $32,800 each for a total contract including labor for $164.000.”

I have uploaded the JAH Power estimate HERE.

  • Consideration to authorize the mayor to purchase licenses for the radio frequencies for meter reading system from a sole source. From the explainer: “When we implemented this meter system the only option available was to lease licenses. We leased two licenses from Cornerstone SMR Inc. which sold to VIE Technologies, Inc. and now VIE wishes to sell the licenses to us. We discussed pursuing a new license, however, we would have to change a significant part of the meter reading system equipment if we change radio frequencies.”

I have uploaded the proposed contract HERE.

  • The mayor is asking approval for the following:
    • Re-appointment of Brian Boone and Chris Hackler to the Tree Board
    • Re-appointment of Gary Best, James Tomiczek and Mike Brown to the Maryville Board of Zoning Appeals.
    • Re-appointment of Suzette Donovan to Maryville Planning Commission.
    • Re-appointment of Jane Groff to the Blount County Cable TV Authority
    • Re-appointment of Mike Davis to Blount County Rescue Squad Board of Directors

I intend to ask why the mayor is not considering new people to serve in these positions.

  • Consideration of a motion to declare a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria as ‘surplus and authorize its disposal’ (auction it).

Questions? Feel free to email Sarah@herron.group or call/text 865-599-2037!


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