Herron Updates

Council Meeting: Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020
7pm at the Maryville Municipal Center

I'll be sworn into office(!!!), then quickly down to business for my first official City Council meeting.

The full AGENDA + CITY COUNCIL attachments can be found HERE

UPDATE: The Sandy Springs Park Reno bid + City Parks Improvements Download HERE

First, the five members of council will elect a mayor. In the City Council-City Manager model, the mayor doesn't run the city. Council is more like a nonprofit board and the City Manager is their executive who runs the day-to-day operations. So our mayor will preside over meetings, represent the city on several boards and at a wide variety of meetings, and will appoint people to serve on the city's boards and commissions. The latter is arguably the most significant part of the job. I'd like to see our mayor to use this opportunity to bring diverse voices to the table and balance these areas of government with a mix of experience and fresh perspective.

Following the election, there will be a roll call and a time for public comments. Then, the following orders of business:

    • The first two items on the agenda are regarding the property off Monarch Drive, which fronts on W. Broadway Ave. This is where the new Chick-fil-A hopes to open in the spring. (The Daily Times article about this development can be found HERE.)
    • Then, council will consider an amendment to the school budget, which makes necessary federal and state adjustments to BEP funding and an additional $401,202 because local sales tax revenue was higher than expected when the budget was adjusted. The school board talked about using these dollars to provide a reimbursement to teachers for the added expenses of teaching virtually during the pandemic. (The Daily Times article about the December gift can be found HERE.)
      City Council authorizes funds and the school board allocates those dollars. I'd like to go on the record as saying that I hope they will provide a reimbursement gift to teachers in time for the holidays. I'll be deeply disappointed if this gift isn't reserved for teachers who have served on the frontlines with students.
    • The fourth item on the agenda is regarding a proposed amendment to the city budget to cover additional costs for the Sandy Springs park facility renovations and repairs to the pavilion and concession building. Estimates were based on plans drafted in 2017/early 2018 for improvements to all city parks. Construction costs have increased significantly due to the pandemic. The original budget for this project was $206,500 but the low bid is $310,000. I've asked to review all bids. So far, $17,000 has been contracted with the architect to complete design specs.

UPDATE: The Sandy Springs Park Reno bid + City Parks Improvements Download HERE

    • The final item on the budget is an administrative issue that authorizes the Electric System to pay its owner -- the City of Maryville -- in "tax equivalents," or "payments in lieu of taxes." This is done annually and state law requires a flat rate of 22.5 percent to be paid to the county. Of the $1,699,628 to be paid, $1,317,212 will be transferred to the city's General Fund and $382,416 will be paid to Blount County.


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