Better utility service

Every neighborhood deserves the highest level of customer service, infrastructure and maintenance. I will fight for fairness, push to rein in unnecessary fees and work to make it easier to pay the bill.

No more Surprise Bills. It's time for equal payment plan (aka Budget Billing)

Equal Payment Plan (EPP) is a program for residents that distributes annual utility costs into estimated equal monthly payments. The program assists families and individuals who are on a fixed income or simply want to budget monthly expenses.

No More Fees. No more glitchy payment portal
The portal should work on all browsers and devices with NO FEES. Customers should not be charged to pay with an e-check. The city should stop allowing a third-party operator to charge unnecessary fees.

NO reason Financing for Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling Systems Isn't Available

Financing should be available to make it easier for residents to replace their heating and cooling units with energy-efficient systems. This can lower utility costs 20 to 40 percent, and it’s good for the environment. Any TVA programs or incentives that are available to Maryville residents and businesses should be published and easy to find on the city’s website.

Better, more affordable high-speed internet. 

The city has the infrastructure in place to significantly reduce costs for fast, secure fiber optic internet but we've got to work for it. Count on HERron

Transparency & Communication 

Actions of City Council should be easy to find online and easy to understand. The City of Maryville can communicate with citizens better with a few simple changes. It shouldn't cost money to read notices and it shouldn't take a law degree to understand what City Council is doing.

As she listens to voters, Sarah will be adding to her platform throughout the campaign. Follow HER on Facebook & Instagram.

Make your voice heard.

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