February 2021


The February 2nd City Council meeting has a pretty heavy agenda.

The Agenda with Explainers, Attachments & Copies of Ordinances can be found in my Google Dropbox HERE. (I’d love to hear your thoughts! Call/text me at 865-599-2037.)

It will start at 6:55 p.m. with three hearings. The first hearing is to consider an amendment to the Zoning and Land Use Ordinance pertaining to restaurants in the Central Community Zoning District. The amendment will allow the types of restaurants to be expanded. You can read the details HERE.

The second is about updating an ordinance regarding painting restrictions in auto repair shops. Basically, the ordinance language is restrictive and outdated so this amendment will address it. (Requirements are outlined by OSHA and the EPA.)

The third is concerning an ordinance to abandon Sharp Lane and a portion of Big Springs Road right-of-way. The regular City Council meeting will have a first reading on this and two other zoning ordinances. Information about proposed changes can be found HERE.


See the Full Agenda HERE

The City Council meeting will start with a second reading of the amendment concerning temporary uses. (Transient vendors, model home offices, seasonal sales of Christmas trees, pumpkin patches, etc.) The ordinance can be found HERE. A second reading of the alley abandonments (info can be found on the post from last month’s meeting here). Then, Council will consider three ordinance changes concerning the Robert C. Jackson/Big Springs Road development.

Mobile Food Truck Parks

An updated ordinance on mobile food truck parks will be considered for a first reading after discussion at the January retreat. The original draft restricted mobile food truck parks from being established 150 feet from a restaurant. I agreed with Mayor White’s assertion that this was an inappropriate restriction. It’s important to note that this is concerning a Food Truck PARK, not just one food truck that parks in a spot temporarily. A park is a permanent business venue that hosts multiple food trucks. The updated proposed ordinance can be found HERE.

Budget Adjustments

City staff have requested the following:

In FY 21, two police vehicles were totaled. Savings from other equipment purchases will be used to offset a portion of the expense of the new vehicles but an additional $55,000 is needed to cover the remainder of the expense. Additionally, the purchase of two Freightliner dump trucks with leaf boxes were budgeted during FY 20. While we were able to take delivery of the dump trucks in FY 20, we were unable to find a vendor who could produce the leaf boxes due to the effects of COVID-19. A vendor has now been found and the purchase of the leaf boxes can take place during FY 21. The approximate cost will be $16,000. Finally, the purchase of a new knuckle boom truck is slated to take place during FY 22. In the course of FY 22 budget planning, it was discovered that if the truck is purchased now, we would save approximately $19,000. Additionally, if the truck is purchased by March, we will be able to take delivery before the fall leaf collection season begins. The lowest bid came in at $138,382.

All of the above expenses will be covered by additional revenue from the sale of equipment, insurance recovery and a use of fund balance.

This budget ordinance also includes funding to complete the Public Safety Memorial, part of which was funded by a private donation. This work is estimated to be $262,170. It can be covered by fund balance.

Further down the agenda, the city is asking for approval for the purchase of a Tesco Electric Meter Test Board. It’s time to replace ours. (Note: The lowest bid didn’t meet specs.)

The meeting will end with the following items being declared as surplus:

1. 21 Substation class voltage regulators

2. 2014 Case 580 Super N Backhoe – # SE0001

3. Coats 1175 Tire balancer

These items are not longer being used or are part of a replacement schedule. These will be sold at auction.

Questions? Call or text me at 865-599-2037.


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