December 2022


This month’s City Council meeting will be held this Tuesday, Dec. 6, starting at exactly 6:55 p.m. starting with the Oath of Office and election of Mayor & Vice Mayor and a Beer Board hearing.

The full agenda packet can be found in my Google Drive HERE.

When the business meeting is called to order, there will be an invocation and the approval of minutes, then citizens will be invited to address city council with any issue that is not on the agenda.

Agenda items include a second reading of the rezoning amendment regarding 728-732 E. Broadway, which will allow the property owner to convert more of the building into residences. Then there will be a second reading of the budget amendment to appropriate funding for Christmas events, Parks & Rec, Capital Fund and for the extension of Foothills Mall Drive to Foch Street.

Council will take action to increase funding to the school system by $202,771 based on revenue, which is a BEP requirement. (See agenda packet for details.)

The fourth item is consideration of a proposed amendment to the Land Use Ordinance regarding construction of new buildings that will allow for a height of 70′ in the Downtown area.

The last item on the agenda is consideration of a motion to authorize the purchase of underground primary 1/0 wire from border states.

Questions or concerns? As always, you’re welcome to call/text me personally on my cell: 865-599-2037 or email


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