December 2021


The monthly City Council meeting will be held this Tuesday, Dec. 7th at the Maryville Municipal Building. The full agenda with explainers and attached documents can be found in my Google Drive HERE.

6:57 p.m. BEER BOARD

City Council serves as the Beer Board and will consider a request from a new business, “Casey’s” (CGS Stores, LLC) located in a former Pilot location, 1701 W. Broadway Ave., requesting an off-premise beer permit. City staff reported that the background investigation revealed that the applicant meets the criteria for the permit.


Public Hearing #1: Ordinance to amend sections §14-209 and §14- 218 of Title 14 of the Maryville Municipal Code, the zoning and land use ordinance, pertaining to backlighting of signs within the City of Maryville
including the downtown districts.

From the explainer:

Development services is requesting an amendment to the sign regulations that clarifies that backlighting is acceptable as a method to light signs. The proposed amendment includes the downtown districts. Backlighting is a process by which the letters or message is lit from behind creating a glowing or “halo” effect. In 2012, the downtown design review board previously determined backlighting was not a form of internally lit sign and therefore allowable in the downtown districts. The proposed ordinance would codify the policy of allowing this type of lighting in the downtown districts to eliminate any future confusion. The Maryville Municipal Planning Commission voted to recommend the proposed amendment at their meeting on November 15, 2021.

Public Hearing #2: Ordinance to abandon an alley located between Kittrell Avenue and Sevierville Road and designated as alley #206


The meeting will begin with roll call, an invocation and approval of minutes. Then, citizens will be invited to speak to City Council concerning issues not on the agenda.

Agenda Items include:

Items #1 & #2

Are concerning ordinances (second readings) for annexation and zoning for the property off Proffitt Springs Road slated to become the Smith & Wesson Headquarters. Information can be found starting on pg. 14 of the agenda packet.

Item #3

Is consideration of an ordinance on second reading to repeal and replace the City of Maryville sewer use ordinance, title 18 chapter 2 of the municipal Code of the city of Maryville, and the pretreatment enforcement response Plan (“sewer use documents”) in their entirety and to adopt and enact new Sewer use documents. Information can be found on pages 20-93.

Item #4

Is consideration for an ordinance (first reading) to amend the city code on weapons and firearms to accommodate Smith & Wesson. This amendment will allow “A firearms manufacturer 1) with an outdoor firing range and/or; 2) under other circumstances may need to discharge firearms in the course and scope of its business on its own property where the manufacturing facility is located.” The proposed ordinance can be found on page 92 of the agenda packet.

Item #5

Consideration of an ordinance (first reading) to amend sign regulations that clarifies that backlighting is acceptable as a method to light signs. As noted above, this will be discussed first at the public hearing. The proposed ordinance can be found on page 95.

Item #6

Consideration of an ordinance to abandon the alley (#206) located between Kittrell Ave. and Sevierville Rd. This also will be discussed first during the public hearing. (See above)

Item #7

Consideration of several budget amendments, requested by City Staff:

  1. Water & Sewer Fund Capital Project. American Recovery Act (federal) funds in the amount of $4,412,426 have been received. The City Manager recommends it be used for Water & Sewer improvements.
  2. Purchase of property adjacent to the City of Maryville Operations Center on Home Avenue. The purchase price is $525,000 with an additional $25,000 for closing costs. Total: $550,000 (from Fund Balance)
  3. Public Safety Communication Equipment to be purchased for $1,245,379 under a capitalized lease agreement with Blount County. This was budgeted to be paid from General Fund but the request is to make this payment from the Debt Service Fund.
  4. Appropriated budget in the amount of $141,459 to be moved from the Police Department to the Transfer of Fund Department. The funds would be used to purchase Public Safety Communication Equipment.
  5. A transfer from General Fund in the amount of $131,459 to cover Public Safety Equipment capitalized lease 2021 payment.
  6. This $64,605 appropriation (from Local Option Sales Tax) is for the City’s share of estimated right-of-way costs on Proffitt Springs Road/Louisville Loop. (To accommodate the Smith & Wesson development)
  7. Appropriate $700,000 (from Fund Balance) to replace an old fire truck with a new one.

Item #8

Consideration of an ordinance to update policy specifying the departments of City Government to reflect the current organization structure.

Item #9

Ordinance to amend the FY 2022 Annual Operating Budget for Maryville City Schools to account for the decrease in federal funds. Information can be found on pages 112-114 of the agenda packet.

Item #10

Consideration of a resolution authorizing a lease-purchase agreement with Blount County for law enforcement and emergency services equipment.

From the explainer:

The police and fire emergency communication equipment need to be replaced at a cost of $1,245,379. Blount County leads the acquisition of this equipment, and is working with both Maryville and Alcoa. The vendor offered a 10-year lease-purchase agreement with an interest rate of 2.69%. Blount County offered a better alternative of them purchasing the equipment and entering a 10-year lease-purchase agreement with each city with an interest rate of 1.2%. (Contingent on passage of budget amendment, Agenda Item #7)

Item #11

Consideration of a resolution directing the electric system to make tax equivalent payments to taxing jurisdictions in the service area for FY 2022. (This is dictated by Tennessee State Law)

Item #12

Resolution to ratify the action of the Blount County Coordinating Committee to accept recommendations to approve an amendment to the Growth Plan for Blount County, TN. This is regarding Partnership Park North, the location slated to become headquarters for Smith & Wesson. Information begins on page 123 of the Agenda Packet.

Item #13

Consideration of a motion to ratify the emergency purchase of two (2) drum screens for the wastewater plant. (Cost: $140,762)

Item #14

This addresses needs for two sewer easement issues: (1) Partnership Park North (Smith & Wesson) for two sewer extensions; and (2) to serve development associated with the Waters’ Farm property, which will include a new pump station at Peppermint Branch and eliminate one existing sewer pump station.

The explainer says that the Financial Impact of Action: The WSD will pay an appropriate amount for the easements and seek appraisals if condemnation is required.

Item #15

Consideration of a motion to authorize the city attorney to sign documents concerning the TN Opioid Settlement. See pages 156-160 on the agenda packet.

Item #16

Consideration of a motion to approve the purchase of 1.09 acres of property located at 416 Home Ave. for future operation center expansion. (Contingent on passage of budget amendment, Agenda Item #7)

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