August 2021


City Council will meet Tuesday, August 3rd, at the Maryville Municipal Building, starting with the beer board and hearings slated for 6:57 p.m. on the dot!

The full agenda with attachments can be found in my Google Drive HERE.

The beer board is comprised of all five members of City Council. We will consider a motion for an on-premise beer permit for Two Doors Down as well as consideration of a motion to grant a special event permit to Bryan Daniels, Blount Partnership. This is for “Taste of Blount,” an annual event, slated to be held in Jack Greene Park on Sept. 9 from 6pm-8pm.

Following the Beer Board, a public hearing will be held regarding an ordinance to abandon a portion of an alley located between Boardman Ave. and Barnes Ave., designated alley #238. Learn more about the city’s efforts to abandon alleys HERE.

The Portion of the alley being considered for abandonment, located between Boardman Ave. and Barnes Ave.

Items on the Beer Board and Public Hearing agendas are considered for advancement to the meeting agenda, but council does not take a vote until the official council meeting, which will be called to order at 7pm.


After the meeting is called to order, there will be a roll call, an invocation and approval of last month’s minutes. Then, citizens are invited to approach the podium and talk to council about any issue that is NOT on the agenda. If you would like to discuss items on the agenda, you would do so during discussion of that issue on the agenda after there is a ‘motion to approve’ and a second by members of council. You can simply approach the podium and the mayor will invite you to speak and ask any questions you may have.

Order of Business :

#1-3: The first four items are second readings to abandon alleys. Information about those considerations can be found HERE.

#4: Item number five is consideration to amend the annual budget. (This is a first reading, second reading will take place at the September 7th meeting.) I pulled information about this proposed amendment, which can be found HERE. The city is the developer (and seller) of the Laurel Branch property and according to city officials, utilities must be extended to parcels as they are subdivided and sold. This is where the Amazon warehouse will be located, along with several other businesses. Note: The main Amazon hub is under construction in Alcoa. Costs for this project will be funded by revenue from the land sale.

Screenshot from our agenda packet:

#5: Item number five is to consider a motion, on first reading, to amend the budget to extend the contract for real estate advisor services from Lawler Wood in FY21 for Laurel Branch Park and other city property-owned projects. The contract amount is $6,000/month for 12 months for a total of $72,000.

#6: Is consideration of the alley abandonment between Boardman Ave. and Barnes Ave. (From the hearing.)

#7: Consideration to authorize Blount Partnership’s special event “Taste of Blount.” Attachments from the agenda packet:

#8: Consideration to authorize the city to enter into a contract with the low bidder for the regional wastewater treatment plant project.

Here’s the information from our agenda packet: Bids were received and opened on July 20, 2021 for the construction of Ultraviolet Disinfection Facilities and Sludge Thickening and Dewatering Facilities at the Maryville Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. The lower bid was received from W&O Construction Company, Inc. They are experienced and qualified to perform the work, as well as their listed sub-contractors, which is also stated in the attached recommendation letter from our design engineering firm, J.R. Wauford and Company, Consulting Engineers, Inc. The project is expected to take at least 18 months for construction.

#9 Consider appointment of Susan Williams to the Blount County Library Board

#10 Consider appointment of Suzette Donovan to the Ocoee Regional Library Board, which will dissolve in July 2022.

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