April 2021


City Council will meet Tuesday, April 6th, at the Maryville Municipal Building, starting with hearings slated for 6:56 p.m. on the dot! These hearings simply move items to the regular agenda for first-reading council action.

The full agenda with attachments can be found in my Google Drive HERE.

The first three agenda items are second-readings for the ordinance on perpendicular signs, the Laurel Branch Park sewer & stormwater projects and rate changes for water & wastewater. You can find info about these agenda items in last month’s update HERE.

There’s an amendment being considered on the zoning and land use ordinance for the boundaries of the Parkway District overlay on Big Springs Road. It would remove the area (see below) from aesthetic restrictions since the property cannot be seen from Lamar Alexander Parkway.

There are three alley abandonments on the agenda:

  1. Between BOB WHITE Dr. & FORSTER St.

2. Alley located off BITTLE Rd.

3. Between S. CLARK St. & S. COURT St.

There was an increase in revenues so city management is recommending that we transfer $3.105M to pay off some of the city’s debt. City Council has been reviewing this option for several months during work sessions. Details with the ordinance is in the agenda packet (Agenda Item #8). Agenda item #11 addresses the bonds.

Council will consider an ordinance concerning Food Trucks in residential zones. (Read the full draft HERE.) Basically, residents can apply for a permit ($20) to have a food truck up to two times per year. The food truck can be there for up to three consecutive hours. Check out the full ordinance draft for additional details.

Council will authorize adjustments to the school budget to account for additional federal and state funding through COVID relief bills. Superintendent Dr. Mike Winstead provided council with an update at our last work session. He and his team have done a phenomenal job maximizing these opportunities.

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