Better, more affordable high-speed internet. 

The infrastructure is in place but we've got to work for it. Count on HERron


Maryville Can Have Fast, Secure, Fiber-Optic Internet at the Cheapest Rates Possible... Right now!

We are already set up to offer public-private partnership with Internet Service Providers and create a competitive environment. This will provide residents and businesses with the best rates on fast, fiber optic internet. This could save households more than $100/month.

Why you can only get Charter Spectrum, and maybe AT&T… 

The reason citizens only have one or two Internet Service Providers (ISP) options, like Charter Spectrum and AT&T, is because smaller ISPs can’t justify the cost of installing fiber optics in a city the size of Maryville. 

The city can fix this right now. Here’s how… 

Maryville has already invested in fiber optics throughout the city. It was installed for schools and commercial areas. According to city leaders, there are only a few neighborhoods that need fiber and installing it is totally doable. 

These municipal fiber optic lines can be leased to ISPs, making it cost-effective to provide internet service to residents and businesses. This drives competition and competition lowers consumer costs and raises the level of customer service. 

We have to do the work…

The city will need to reach out to local and regional internet service providers and offer to lease our municipal fiber, and possibly provide introductory incentives to give ISPs time to market their services and build a solid customer base. Leasing our fiber will not require the city to hire additional staffing or increase operational costs. 

Once more ISPs have established service, the city will need to invest in a marketing campaign to inform residential and commercial property owners of their choices. 

What is Digital Equity?

Fast, Affordable Internet is just the first step into ensuring every individual can participate in society.